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5 questions with Chris Tremlett

  We asked Source Director and retired England cricketer, Chris Tremlett, 5 questions about his sports career, move to property investment and his best advice for new investors.   After an incredible cricket career, why did you choose property investment? I was lucky enough to play professional sport for 16 years and during that  time… Read more »

Our 2024 property investment predictions

The beginning of 2023 felt much the same as 2022 – with the UK property industry filled with scrutiny, confusion and mixed advice from ‘experts’ far and wide.  However, at the end of 2023, a very different picture is emerging. Interest rates and inflation have both shown a steady and promising decline, housing demand remains… Read more »

How we achieved an 8.1% ROI on city centre apartments.

One of our core values is sustainable wealth creation, or in other words, balancing yields and capital growth. A prime example of this is the Brickworks development in Cardiff.  All apartments purchased through Source are currently occupied with yields up to 8.1%. Read how we achieved this in the case study below. Runway for growth… Read more »

Opportunity cost and how to time the property market

In a world where the base rate sits at a 15 year high, thousands of ‘experts’ have jumped to forecast huge drops in property value and the media depict all doom and gloom – uncertainty is bound to arise. The property space has, undoubtedly, experienced an incredibly challenging year and a half. As a result,… Read more »

House prices are rising: My honest appraisal

Savills have today projected house prices will be 4% higher at the end of this year than they were at the same time in 2019.  This alongside the news from Nationwide that there were nearly 85,000 mortgage approvals in August this year well above the monthly average of 66,000 prevailing in 2019. The housing market is… Read more »

How we maintained an 8.8% ROI during a Pandemic

Sheffield Fitzgerald Our Sheffield Fitzgerald development has been a high performing project. We offered it to our family of investors in Aug 2017 with a projected return of 8.5%. At the time of writing all our apartments are fully occupied (managed by us on our clients’ behalf) and our investors have received on average 8.8%*… Read more »

Impact of Covid-19 on the Housing Market

Source Property Investments

Only a few months ago, all the talk was on the potential impact of Brexit on the housing market, then along came the unexpected coronavirus pandemic and changed things yet again. Covid-19 and the lockdown has inevitably played havoc with all areas of life and that includes the housing market. We take a look at… Read more »

Brexit Impact

Brexit uncertainty has impacted the housing market leading to negative house price growth particularly in London and the South East. In addition domestic issues related to lack of supply and affordability also continue to affect the market with stock levels and buyer interest declining further towards the end of 2018. However outside of the Capital… Read more »