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Ask an Expert

Need Help? Our Ask an Expert service gives you the opportunity to pick the brains of Tom Jewell, Managing Director of Source Property Investments.  If you have any questions about property investment in 2018 take advantage of our Ask an Expert Service. Tom and his colleagues have already helped many investors maximise their property investments.  Their expertise… Read more »

The Autumn Budget and Housing

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Budget unveiled a range of measures to boost housing and devolution. Devolution The Chancellor confirmed a £1.7bn “Transforming Cities Fund”, with half the cash going to the metro mayors and the rest open to competition and announced further measures for more devolution to the West Midlands, alongside a deal for… Read more »

Economies of scale in property investment

Economies of scale In this blog we explain how we help individual investors and portfolio landlords benefit from economies of scale with their property investments and how our nationwide letting service provides investors with their own portfolio manager as one point of contact. We have helped many investors leverage portfolios to get better deals, reduce… Read more »

New Rules for Portfolio Landlords

Phase 1 of the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) changes to buy-to-let mortgage lending were introduced in January 2017 and introduced stricter affordability tests, including a stress test on interest rate rises, for buy-to-let landlords. Now, the industry is preparing for Phase 2 which is targeting new rules for Portfolio Landlords. (Portfolio landlords… Read more »

Property remains a viable investment

Despite the doom and gloom amongst some landlords about whether property remains a viable investment there remain several reasons why landlords can continue to generate wealth through property. Here are some of the main reasons why property remains a viable investment. Rents are predicted to continue to rise There are many variable predictions about the future… Read more »

Where should I buy my next property investment?

With so many changes impacting buy to let property investment many existing and prospective investors are struggling to find an answer the question of where should I buy my next property investment? London? South East? Northern Powerhouses? University Towns? This article helps you understand a bit more about how the markets are performing by experts… Read more »

Why house prices will rise

The reason According to a study by economists at the University of Reading presented to the Royal Economic Society, house prices will rise faster than salary growth because Britain will never build enough houses to make property supply outstrip demand. The economists (Geoffrey Meen, Alexander Mihailov and Yehui Wang) said when presenting their paper that… Read more »

Property Investment – Where to Start

Property Investment – Where to Start Are you considering building a property investment portfolio but are not sure where to start?  Read on –  this will help you make the best possible start. What we do Source Property Investments specialise in finding and managing prime residential buy to let property in the UK. We find clients the… Read more »