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Tax pressures on Landlords

As tax pressures on landlords continue to increase many are looking for ways to reduce their liability. We are not accountants so we urge all landlords (or prospective landlords), whatever their situation to talk to their accountant – this article offers general information only. Section 24 Firstly, a reminder that the biggest tax pressures on… Read more »

Cost and Location drive tenant choice

Cost and Location are top of tenants requirements No surprise but cost and location are the two key factors that influence property choices for more than four out of five tenants when choosing a rental property according to a survey undertaken by Cover4LetProperty. The survey, which is undertaken twice a year by the company, revealed that… Read more »

Increase in Rents

There are different drivers causing an increase in rents. Increased tax liabilities on landlords are causing many to put in place an increase in rents. A study by an insurance company has found that 32.5% of landlords are planning to increase their rent in the next 12 months to keep up with increased tax liabilities… Read more »

Property remains a viable investment

Despite the doom and gloom amongst some landlords about whether property remains a viable investment there remain several reasons why landlords can continue to generate wealth through property. Here are some of the main reasons why property remains a viable investment. Rents are predicted to continue to rise There are many variable predictions about the future… Read more »

New Website Launched

We have launched our new website at Since our inception Source Property Investment has gone from strength to strength finding, buying and letting new properties for existing and first-time landlords. Our strategy of providing a personal service for a select group of investors remains unchanged. We are not aiming at the mass market but instead… Read more »

After the election now what?

What’s the impact of the election on the housing market and our financial prospects? Property The political uncertainty resulting from the election of a minority government might encourage more of us to put off any thought of moving for a few months.  This would add to a property slow down which has already led to… Read more »

Government puts emphasis on rental sector

Government moves emphasis to rental sector Speaking at this week’s RESI conference Gavin Barwell, the new housing minister, has used his first major speech to shift Government policy away from what has been an almost single focus on home ownership and open up more investment into the rental sector. He also indicated that the Government… Read more »

Buy to let advice

  For those thinking of investing in buy to let but not sure where to start; here is some buy to let advice.  Leveraging your borrowing The first question many potential investors ask when seeking buy to let advice is how much should I borrow? The great thing about buy-to-let borrowing is that it provides… Read more »

Shift to rent to accelerate

Shift in Property Ownership There is a fundamental shift in property ownership occurring in London according to new analysis by PwC. The city is being transformed from ownership to rent with a significant shift from nearly two-thirds owner-occupiers to 60% of Londoners forecast to be renters in less than 10 years. In 2000, just under… Read more »