Tips from The Top. How to ensure your investments are covid secure.

22 September 2020

As The Prime Minister announces new measures in the Uk today I’m reminded of what all investors should be learning from this global pandemic. 

1) Do your due diligence

Make the right investment in the first place. Due diligence is your modus operandi here. If you are not a specialist in the field you wish to invest, make sure you get the experts to do it for you.

2) Invest for the long term.

Investments go up and down over time. Statistically the longer you stay in the game the more likely you will get a return. By planning for short term falls in advance  you will be able to withstand them  financially and save yourself unnecessary stress should the market takes a temporary downturn.

3) Diversify

You’ll forgive me for using our portfolio as an example.

We have City Centre Apartments (These have been hardest hit by this pandemic) but by having a varied portfolio we have successfully  protected ourselves. We have properties all over the U.k.,  including those in suburbs and popular holiday destinations. These are performing very well. To go back to point 2. This allows us to maintain our city centre investments knowing full well they will perform very well for us in the long term.

We have successfully spread the risk. Have you? 

4) Seek the opportunity.

As one door shuts another one always opens. Our ability to stay ahead of the market has meant as a company we have just had our most successful quarter. This is largely due to pivoting towards staycation developments which are and will continue to be in high demand as a result of Covid 19. It is essential to be proactive and be ahead of the market if you are going to capitalise from it. (Point 1 never ends it is a relentless task master) The market is always changing so you should be too.

If you are interested adding  property to your investment portfolio and would like our help. You can contact us here.