Economies of scale in property investment

19 October 2017

Economies of scale

In this blog we explain how we help individual investors and portfolio landlords benefit from economies of scale with their property investments and how our nationwide letting service provides investors with their own portfolio manager as one point of contact.

We have helped many investors leverage portfolios to get better deals, reduce costs and take advantage of the benefits of economies of scale.

Bulk purchases of property

Through building close relationships with developers, and by buying multiple units from them we can negotiate a steeper discount than an individual buying just one unit. By working with developers at the beginning of their development cycle and negotiating to buy “off plan” we also secure the best units for our investors.

In some cases, we are also able to negotiate savings on solicitors’ fees and on the bulk purchase of blinds, furniture etc.

Portfolio mortgages

In some cases, it is possible to have an over-arching loan for an entire portfolio with one lender. We can liaise with professional mortgage brokers to arrange this.

Portfolio insurance

Having all your properties on one policy means streamlining everything into one direct debit and one renewal date. As a rule, the more properties you add to the policy, the more discount you will achieve. Again, we can liaise with professional property insurers to arrange this.

Property Management

We offer a nationwide property management service which provides one point of contact, a kind of Personal Portfolio Manager which provides a consistently high level of service across the portfolio, and avoids dealing with lots of different levels of service from multiple agents. Because we pass onto our clients the cost savings achieved through the economies of scale of this approach we also save you money.

Source Investments

Please contact us to discuss how we assist you achieve the benefits of economies of scale and the kind of savings that we can achieve –