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Landlords Investing in Travel

Why for Landlords Investing in travel makes sense. There is strong evidence that landlords investing in travel routes are seeing higher than average growth in both rental income and capital growth. The Crossrail experience bears this out with property prices booming along the route and tenants already queuing to get on board even though services… Read more »

Crossrail 2 Property Hot Spots

In this, our third article, we look at further Crossrail 2 Property Hot Spots (our previous two articles can be found at Background The first Crossrail route (now known as the Elizabeth Line) which is due for completion in just a couple of years, has had a profound impact on property prices having already added… Read more »

Crossrail 2 stations

Crossrail 2 Crossrail 2 is a new proposed north-south rail line connecting existing National Rail networks in Surrey and Hertfordshire, with trains running through new tunnels beneath central London.  This is the second of three blogs on the impact of Crossrail 2 on the local property markets along the proposed route.  The first blog which gives… Read more »

Rental Shortage

   Rental Shortage The claim this week by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) that the UK is facing a critical rental shortage maybe good news for existing and prospective landlords. Rics estimates that at least 1.8 million more households will be looking to rent rather than buy a home by 2025. In the… Read more »

Investing in Buy-to-Let – top tips

Top Tips for Investing in Buy-to-Let Investing in Buy-to-let can be a fraught business for the unwary but equally with careful planning and diligent research it should also prove to be a very valuable investment.  In this article we set out some of our top tips for investing in a buy-to-let property – whether it… Read more »

Property Newsletter May 2016

Welcome to this month’s property newsletter from Source Investments which reviews current information relevant to both existing and prospective buy to let investors. Property Prices According to the Halifax monthly house price index, house prices have risen at their slowest rate since November with growth at 9.2 per cent in April compared with the same time… Read more »

Crossrail – Maidenhead and Reading

Crossrail – Maidenhead and Reading In this blog we look at the case for investing in properties in Crossrail – Maidenhead and Reading. From 2018 a new 75 mile high-speed Crossrail route will open travelling through London and connecting Reading in the west to Shenfield in the east. The route will take in 40 stations… Read more »

Property Investment on the Crossrail

Can property Investment on Crossrail still prove profitable or have the best bargains already gone?   What is Crossrail? From 2018 there will be a new 75 mile high-speed Crossrail route between Reading and Shenfield which will take in 40 stations (10 new ones) and provide the first ever direct connection between all of London’s… Read more »